Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Before and After - A New Coat for Miss Cici

As you’ve seen in previous posts, I like to make coats for my dog. I’m guessing if I had a baby girl I would dress it up in cute clothes that I would make, but I have a 15-year old boy who isn’t much interested in hand sewn clothes. So, I make coats for my dog.

Truth be told, I’m tired of making coats for the dog and thought I was done, but she needed a rain coat and I felt obliged to create one. I fought against the idea partly because I was tired of spending money on dog clothes, but mostly because it was already ridiculous that our entry way has been taken over by a coat rack containing five dog coats and a set of dog boots. (Yes the dog wears boots – they are called Muttluks.) I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to squeeze a sixth coat onto the coat rack. Then one day an idea came to mind – I could simply add a waterproof layer of fabric onto one of her current fleece coats which would be inexpensive since I would only have to buy one layer of fabric; would not result in a sixth coat; and it would be dry and warm, since it would have both a waterproof and fleece layer.

Here is the before pic. You can see she was not that impressed by this coat (although it was one of my favourites.)

Here are the after pics. A wonderful new raincoat in a light blue shade, trimmed with a paw print ribbon. As always thanks go to Auben who created the pattern for all of Cici's coats.

Thankfully I can now return to working on projects that are somewhat saner.

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