Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yarn From Nebraska

It was an exciting day today. After work I rushed from work to get to the post office and pick up a package that I was hoping would contain yarn – and yes the package did contain yarn! Yay!

Just before the end of the year I did something I haven’t done before. I ordered yarn from a complete stranger over the internet. I was on Ravelry, a knitters/yarn networking site, and I came across a post by someone who was looking to destash some Palette yarn. As mentioned in previous posts, KnitPicks Palette is one of my all-time favourite yarns. The desire to own more Palette at a bargain price was too much to resist. I decided it would be fun to have someone else pick the colours for me and I jumped in with both feet and requested that the Palette come to my home.

Before I had time to think twice I had signed up for a PayPal account and handed over some money and then I sat back and waited and hoped the yarn would come to me, all the way from Nebraska. When I got the package home today I procrastinated opening it just in case the contents were a disappointment. I couldn’t bear the thought of this package not living up to my dreams. Eventually supper was cooking on the stove and there was nothing left to do but break open the package, and… it was beautiful! Eleven balls of Palette as promised in perfect condition and in a beautiful assortment of colours. There is a bright red, some gorgeous purples, a beautiful soft pink, some green, navy and gray, and a ball of yellow Semolina that always catches my eye but never makes the final cut in my KnitPicks shopping cart.

Thank you Beth from Nebraska for sending me this wonderful batch of Palette yarn. Stay tuned to see it pop up in a new project soon.

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