Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things I Like About Creating a Blog

It’s been three months since I started this blog and a good time to think about what I like about blogging. Blogging takes time (this thing doesn’t just write itself you know) and my style of blog needs a lot of pictures (I think Steve is starting to get used to the constant stream of flash photography). However, the effort put into the blog seems to be worth it as it does bring some enjoyable moments. Here are some of the things I like about creating this blog.

·       Being inspired by the blogs of friends – such as Adrienne’s aSquared blog.

·       Gaining a new appreciation for blogs I follow (especially appreciating why there are times when days go by without a new post) – love the humour on Laurie Perry’s Crazy Aunt Purl blog, and the gorgeous photography on Jane Brocket’s Yarnstorm blog.

·       I’ve discovered new blogs such as Skipper’s Waterborne blog which is all about life on a boat in British Columbia.

·       It pleased me greatly when Kim told me she enjoys my blog – she’s a bona fide professional writer and critic, so if I can get her attention I must be doing something right.

·       Having a place to use words that amuse me – like “bona fide” (I always hear Holly Hunter’s voice when I use the words bona fide).

·       Making new acquaintances with people from other countries – love that I have received comments from people in Barbados and Singapore.

·       Getting to know some of my cyber friends a bit more, such a Joanie from the DisBoards or Michelle from CanadianParents, as we find new topics to chat about and get to know each other a bit better.

·       Always being fascinated by the stats on my blog – love looking at the traffic sources and seeing a new country pop up on my list of audiences. This week I’ve had visitors from Canada, Germany, Russia, United States, Philippines, Georgia and the Ukraine.

·       Seeing what people search on to land then at my blog. This week someone found me by searching on “It’s a quilt thing” and another person found me when the searched for “young and the restless cookies” (who needs young and the restless cookies?)

·       Making some money to buy more yarn and beads. Since I’ve started this blog my hobbies are now paying for themselves.

·       Having a place to showcase pictures of what I make (and pictures of my dog!)

So, while this blogging thing takes some effort, it is worth it and I’m committed to keep this going for at least three more months so I hope you enjoy it.


  1. I always read your blog. It's a way of keeping in touch. And I like seeing the stuff you make. It's good!

  2. I think you are definitely my number one fan! Thanks.

  3. I never miss reading your Blog and am amazed over and over again what an amazing person you have become and how much I love you. Mom

  4. Now you are making me blush.

  5. Thanks for the shout out and so happy to hear that I inspired you! It really is a fun project, but yes, does take time too.