Saturday, January 28, 2012

Imagination Socks

This week I finally finished the socks that I was working backwards on last weekend. While trying not to lose too much of my humility, I must say that they are beautiful socks (although the picture doesn’t show it).

They are a simple rib sock with a cable detail down the sides.

The socks are knit from KnitPicks Imagination yarn. This is a gorgeous yarn with a soft blend of merino wool and superfine alpaca. I love it! The socks are going into the for sale pile as part of the fundraising efforts for MS Research, but if they don’t sell, I will happily keep them for myself.

I chose the Castle Walls colour, because knitting something called Imagination in the Castle Walls colour sounds like a wonderful fairy tale. Here is a better picture of the colour.

They also have a colour that a friend of mine would like. It is called Unicorn.

In entertainment news today, I have lots to keep my eyes on. Our neighbouring building put up a crane this morning (thankfully after we awoke), so if I get bored I can look out my dining room window and watch the construction reality show. (Update – In the time it has taken me to write this blog the crane has finished its work and come down. Crane guys are efficient!)

This afternoon we are heading out with some friends to see Caroline or Change, a musical that is getting some very good reviews. Throw in some before and after food and drink and all in all, this will be a great Saturday.

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