Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all who read this blog.

My family rang in the New Year in style at a friends’ house. There was good food and good fun in a wonderful place. One of the many wreaths found its way on to a beautiful tree.

We were thankful for our friends and even more thankful to learn we missed a 26-hour power outage at home. Sadly, this power outage resulted in some lost food in the freezer and fridge, and a significant purchase of new food. On the positive side, we missed the entire outage and the fridge and freezer are spotless.
While visiting with friends I was able to do some shopping at Michael’s and Fabricland, so I have some new purchases to inspire my next creations. Too tired to do a full blog on the purchases now, but their time for a public unveiling will come.

Cici spent New Year’s with some friends of her own which were kind enough to rescue her from the power outage. She seems to have had a good time, but is now suffering the post-Christmas blues.

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