Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Few of My Favourite Knitting Accessories

Yesterday, as I was working on a pair of socks, I realized I was using three of my favourite knitting accessories. Each of these items makes me happy as I knit.

At the top of the list is my AddiTurbo knitting needle. Like most knitters, I have dozens of knitting needles, but if I could only have one needle it would be my 2.0 mm, 100 cm long Addi Turbo circular needle. The needles are smooth and the cable is flexible. Ever since I discovered knitting using the Magic Loop method I have used this needle and will hopefully never use double-pointed needles again. If you knit socks or mittens and haven’t tried the Magic Loop method, Google it. You will be happier for having learned this technique.

The next favourite on my list is my yarn bowl. This is a bowl hand-crafted for use when knitting so the yarn is neatly contained in a bowl that allow for it to pass smoothly through the slot on the side of the dish. Because of the slot the bowl is completely useless for anything else, but it works well for knitting. I don’t think the yarn bowl helps all that much, but it is a beautiful piece of pottery that I enjoy looking down on as I knit. I wish I could remember who I bought this from to give the artist the credit deserved.

And finally, my newest accessory is my cable needle. I have always used a straight cable needle and this past New Year’s, when out shopping with Cathy, I bought this Boye needle from Michael’s and I love it. The U shape keeps the needle out of the way and make knitting cables so much faster than the straight needles I have grown accustomed to.

Stay tuned for a future post where I will be asking for input on colour choices.

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