Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sometimes Forwards, Sometimes Backwards

Last night I happily sat down to knit. The cars came across the stage and there were some nice ones, but nothing too exciting. I was happily working on my sock, knowing I would finish it this weekend, possibly even last night. (nope)

As I took a break to look at the sock I saw an error. I should have cabled to the back but I had cabled to the front. Grr, I now had to un-knit (also known as tink) 3 cm of knitting. Oh well, it happens and you move on. So I ripped back the knitting and oh so carefully put the stitches back on the oh so small 2mm needle. Back to knitting.

Then something made me look at the sock again and count the cable twists on the leg. There should be 10. I counted 9. It was late (and post Friday night dinner drink) so I double-checked and counted again – 9. I got up and counted the already finished sock – 10. I counted the sock in progress again – 9. I repeated these steps a few more times until I was ready to accept that the sock in progress had another error…10 cm back. So, once again I had to un-knit a significant portion and put the stitches back on the teeny, tiny needle. And then I went to bed.

It is a new day, with new cars on the auction block, so optimism has returned. The sock may still get finished this weekend.

Sometimes you knit forwards, sometimes you knit backwards.

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