Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Which Colours Would You Choose?

I’m setting my sights on my next knitting project (after the 2 I currently have on the go J ).

I’m thinking mittens, but I have so much yarn in my stash I’m not sure which colours to choose. I’ve definitely crossed the line where too much choice is harder than no choice at all.

Here are all the colours I have to choose from. I prefer making mittens with just two colours, but am happy to throw in a third as a small accent, if the colours call for it.

As I look at the colour options, I could go with a standard pink and brown (O&T), or I could do the always safe N or W with any colour. I’d really like to use E or B or P, and they could work together in some combination, but I’m not sure. So many choices.

So, if you were to pick two colours to put together, which two would you choose?


  1. I would choose G and S!

    If you want to use P, could L or W go with it? It's sort of hard to see when they're not right next to each other.

    And I like E with K or V!

    But basically, you have many amazing colours. So I'm sure whatever you choose will be awesome :)

  2. G and S would be great - as would all the other colours.

    I think I should just reach in and pick two blind. :) (or just start with G and S)