Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scared to Dive In and Bead

Over the Christmas holidays I spent some money on beads and findings. I made a rare (possibly my first) trip to Michael’s and spent much money on beads for two projects and a bunch of miscellaneous findings that would equip me to make some jewellery. But I didn’t dive in and create something.

Then I went to the library and took out several books on beads and jewellery making. I’ve looked at the books, I’ve read all the how-to’s, I’ve studied the samples for inspiration and I’ve renewed the books so I can keep them at hand. But still I haven’t created something.

Next I decided using our old pliers wasn’t for me and I went to Mary Maxim and bought special round nose pliers and a crimper. After all, to make glorious creations I need to be equipped with the best tools. But still I haven’t created something.

This past week I finally bought some bead stringing wire, the only supply that I didn’t yet have on hand. But still… I haven’t created something.

I’ve now realized that I am scared to make a necklace. I have these beautiful brown and topaz beads that hold so much potential for great beauty. Each individual bead is beautiful. The silver wrapped beads are gorgeous and the pendant is stunning. The problem is that I’m scared to take these beautiful bits and create a necklace. The end creation should be something that is more beautiful than the sum of its parts… but what if it isn’t?  What if the resulting necklace is just a pile of beads that detract from the individual pieces of beauty?

Should I use all the beads in one necklace? Should I use a more minimalistic approach and not stress if all the beads aren’t used? Should I create a necklace from the pendants and brownish/topaz beads and use the silver wrapped beads to make a coordinating bracelet? So many beads, so many possibilities…

We will see what this weekend brings. I may create a necklace or I may just hide in the safety of a pair of mittens that I am working on.

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