Monday, May 7, 2012

Faux Cables

I’m loving the knitting pattern I am using to knit a pair of socks, for my project for May. I stumbled across this pattern on Ravelry, and I am so glad. I think this will be one of my go to patterns in the future.

I love the look of intricately patterned socks, but I like the feel of wearing plain stockinette stitch or socks made from a plain ribbing. When I found this pattern I knew it would be the perfect blend for my fussy tastes – it has the perfect blend of plain stockinette stitch on the bottom, a cable-look on top for visual interest, and some ribbing for comfortable stretch.

The pattern is by a knitting designer named Jen in Chicago. She has designed a perfect blend of knitting two stitches together, yarn overs and twisted stitches to result in a cable-look without that pesky cable needle. You can find her ideas and patterns on her blog at

Here is what my version of Jen’s faux cable looks like.

I’m almost done the first sock, so I should have both done next weekend, IF I don’t let the Leftover Blanket distract me.

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