Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Swift Destiny

I’ve done it – I’ve just purchased a yarn swift – Yay!

After yesterday’s whiny post about the perils of winding yarn without a swift, I opened up my email today to find an email from KnitPicks with the subject line “One Week Swift Sale!” That seemed like the universe’s way of telling me that my time to buy a swift is now.

This little beauty will be making its way to me as soon as it moves through the KnitPicks warehouse – yay!

The cheap (or frugal, or stubborn) side of me still had an influence. The KnitPicks swift is on sale for $50. Before I could dive in and order it, I did some shopping around by phone and called Romni (a wonderful, but scary yarn store in Toronto that seemed like the most likely place to get a reasonably priced swift.) Romni had one swift in stock for $84. So the KnitPicks price is cheap in comparison.

Clearly my destiny is to own this swift.

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