Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yarn Cocktails - A Book Review

A generous friend gave me a gift this week, the book “The Knitter’s Guide to Yarn Cocktails”. This was such a thoughtful gift that I truly appreciate it, while being frightened by it at the same time.

The tagline on the book is that it offers “30 Technique-Expanding Recipes for Tasty Little Projects”. It does deliver on this promise. The book begins with a well presented series of background information on things like tools, fibres, and general instructions on how to read the patterns.

As you move into the pattern section, you can see that there are well written instructions that articulate the finished sizes, materials required, and step-by-step instructions for a series of drink-inspired knit items.

First up, is the “Singapore Sling Bandeau”, a cute top best suited for a young girl. This is followed by a belt/scarf pattern that could have potential if knit from the right yarn. The third pattern is for a simple, but nice pair of Long Island Ice Tea Athletic Socks.

The problem with this book is when you innocently keep turning the pages and get to page 44 where you come across one of those things you can’t unsee – Banana Boat Men’s Boxers. They even go so far as to say the pattern is “Ribbed for your pleasure” (Eeek! Seriously, I couldn’t make that up.) The suggested yarn is made up of merino wool, polyester and nylon. I highly recommend that you check to ensure the recipient doesn’t have a wool allergy before you begin knitting these as a gift.

If you have the stomach to keep working through the book there is a mix of nice and questionable patterns. By the time you get to page 143 the book redeems itself by presenting recipes for 28 different cocktails. Maybe I should make a nice Long Island Iced Tea and try to think of the socks, and put the boxers out of my mind.

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