Sunday, May 13, 2012

Progress Report

I continue to make good progress on my Leftover Blanket. Here is where it is at.

I’m about 15% of the way through, and have incorporated my own leftover sock yarn as well as incorporating the minis from Catherine in California, Kool-aid yarn from Christine in New Hampshire, and leftovers from Meredith. I can’t wait to snuggle up under the blanket when it is done.

If I continue to progress at this pace I should finish the blanket sometime in January. The good news is that it will be cold enough in January to enjoy the blanket. The bad news is that I’m guessing when the July heat arrives my work on the blanket will slow down dramatically, so the January finish may not be realistic. Regardless the blanket will keep me warm in the winter of 2014.

TV  Thoughts

It is an exciting time in TV world tonight.

·        Canada’s Got Talent finals start tonight. I’m not really that into talent shows, but as a Rogers family, I feel like I must support the effort to build Rogers owned content.

·        Desperate Housewives last episode airs tonight. This is exciting in TV land, but doesn’t mean much for me. I’ve never watched an episode of Desperate Housewives, but I know plenty of people that have, so I appreciate the importance of a major series ender. (And maybe now Eva Longoria can return to Y&R to deal with her nutcase kid.)

·        Sister Wives is back tonight. Back in April I admitted that the Real Housewives are my guilty TV pleasure. That wasn’t completely truthful. My absolute guiltiest TV pleasure is watching Sister Wives. I can’t explain why I like to watch it. I don’t like the Brown’s, I don’t relate to the Brown’s beliefs and philosophy, yet I am strangely drawn in to needing to know about their life – will they build a new house big enough for four families?, why isn’t Christine happy?, will the teens go back to Utah after high school? So much that I want to know about them.

·        Survivor season finale is tonight. This is my big excitement for tonight. I’ve got Kim in our Survivor pool and she is looking pretty darn good right now. I could be in for some money if Kim can hang on through the two-hour finale.

Here’s hoping the Survivor pool pays off and that my next blog post is me prattling on about how to spend my winnings.

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