Saturday, May 12, 2012

Snow Crocus Socks and Ice Cream

I finished my May project a couple of nights ago. It is a pair of socks knit from Fleece Artist Trail Socks yarn. Fleece Artist is a wonderful yarn mill from Nova Scotia. They offer beautiful spun fibres in gorgeous colours.

While these socks will not match my wardrobe, I couldn’t resist the beautiful Snow Crocus colour way. It captures the beauty of a first crocus perfectly. Maybe I will keep these socks, or maybe I will add them to the for sale pile at some point.

In food news…

Look out Cherry Garcia, there’s a new kid in town.

This is some seriously good ice cream! The flavours are more blended than those in Cherry Garcia, but still amazing.  If I were choosing, I would likely reach for the Cherry Garcia first, but Hรคagen Dazs Cherry Chocolate Chunk is a worthy opponent.

The danger of taking a picture of ice cream on a Saturday morning is that you wind up eating the ice cream for breakfast. It was good!

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