Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reasons Why I Should Want To Knit Socks with Two Colours and Tea Cozies

I don’t want to knit socks with two colours. I find two colour knitting is stiffer than knitting with only one colour, and the end product is denser. This is great for mittens that you want to be extra warm, but in my mind it isn’t desirable for socks that should be soft and pliable. Sadly, today I was ambling through the KnitPicks site and came across a few patterns that I would like to knit, but never will.

I love the Hawaiian Tattoo Socks, which have a great flowing wave combined with a geometric triangle pattern –

The Hotcross Bones Socks are just plain fun –

And, I like the Fishgyle Socks Pattern, because the name is funny –

Another thing I don’t want is a tea cozy. If I want to make tea and serve it promptly I have a lovely china teapot. If I want my tea to sit and stay warm, I have a lovely teapot shaped thermos that keeps the tea warm for hours, so I have no need for a tea cozy to keep my tea in a pot warm. It’s too bad, because the KnitPicks African Queen Tea Cozy pattern is good fun -

(Hmm, I’ve only ever had one person serve me tea and keep the pot warm with a tea cozy. I’m thinking this might make a good Christmas present for this certain someone.)

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