Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gardening and Other Long Weekend Activities

Today has been an amazing day! It is a perfect long weekend Saturday. Here in Canada we are celebrating a long weekend in honour of Queen Victoria. I’m not sure how many Canadians value Victoria’s contributions to our country, but I do know that all Canadians love the first long weekend of the summer.

My main goal today was to do some gardening on my balcony. I’m not a gardener (I don’t have a single house plant) but every year, in addition to white shoes, this weekend brings out my desire to garden. While wearing white shoes lasts until Labour Day, my desire to garden only lasts a couple of weeks. I will spend the next two weeks faithfully nurturing and watering my new balcony garden plants, but that activity will wane quickly. Nevertheless, I have decided to give it another go this year.

Today I planted these flowers and some mint. I figure the thought of using the mint in some wonderful summer mojitos may extend my gardening desire.

In addition to the flowers and mint, today’s work involved putting these…

Into this

I’m hopeful that the enticement of eating peas off the vine will prolong my gardening desire well into the summer season. According to the seed packet, I will be eating peas in 61 days, so stay tuned for an update on July 19. My last attempt at growing peas was in 2003 and it was a success, so I have high hopes for some mid-summer peas.

It was amusing when I bought the pea seeds from the grocery store. The very young looking cashier picked up the seed packet and looked at it, turned it over, tilted her head and looked at it more closely, turned it over two more times and then finally looked up at me and said incredulously, “you can grow these things?”  Ah the wonder of youth, when you don’t question how the food magically appears on the grocery store shelves.

In other news…

Today was one of those magical days that seemed to go on forever. I managed to do more today than I have in the past month.

My day began with a wonderful bit of sleeping in. Once we were up, we took Cici to the vet for her annual checkup and enjoyed a nice trip to Starbucks on the way home. Once home it was off to meet some friends for a bit of shopping which included another trip to Starbucks and a trip to a new cupcake store.

I bought these new shoes.

And I bought and smushed these cupcakes.

In spite of being served in a less than perfect state, the cupcakes were amazing. I highly recommend checking out Bakes and Goods which will give other cupcake shops some decent competition. I sampled a chocolate raspberry cupcake that was out of this world, a lemon cupcake that was superb and a red velvet cupcake that was also wonderful but not as spectacular as the other two.

Back at home I managed to get all the gardening done and then enjoyed some time on the beautified balcony by giving myself a pedicure and reading while my toes dried.

Next up was an enjoyable dinner at Peoples Chicken with the Climax Jazz Band.

Hard to believe I got all that done in one day. Also hard to believe how much I managed to eat today. Thankfully all that activity amounted to at least 8 km of walking, but I think I will have to do a lot more walking this weekend to deal with today’s indulgences.

Now I will sit on the couch and knit!


  1. Those shoes are something else. Better you walking in them than me... In my newly unemployed state, and in between sending out resumes, I planted some plants whose seeds I'd started several weeks ago: tomatoes (vine and tumbling tiny tims), cucumber, zucchini and peppers this week, along with cilantro, lemon basil, dill and oregano. Hadn't thought of mint but now that you mention it, mojitos would be nice, so I think I'm going to go looking for mint, real basil and maybe peas. People ask why I'm planting all this stuff and I say "because I can."

  2. That sounds like a fantastic garden!

    And hey, when the money runs out at least you will still be able to eat (and drink mojitos).

  3. It's funny, I heard my mum talking to you on the phone and i heard something to the extent of you asking her if she had read your blog. I now understand why!!! She asked you for cupcake store suggestions just days after you posted this. :)

    On another note, I empathize with your gardening enthusiasm predicament. I am very similar. I water for a few weeks. Then I get bored and stop and the plants die and I know it's my fault but I was too bored to stop it. And for some reason the joy of seeing the blooming flowers doesn't motivate me to keep going. sigh.