Monday, May 28, 2012

Random Thoughts - 052812

As my fellow bloggers will attest, some days it is darn hard to come up with something to blog about. My life isn’t that interesting, and most often it goes like this.

  • Monday – Get up go to work, come home exhausted, eat dinner, watch TV (tonight I will watch Veep and Bethenny)
  • Tuesday – See Monday
  • Wednesday – See Tuesday (or skip right to seeing Monday)
  • Thursday – Be happy that the week is about to end, but panic slightly that I haven’t gotten enough done at work, come home exhausted, eat dinner, watch TV
  • Friday – Put in my time at work, come home, go to the pub
  • Saturday – Sleep in, run errands, sit around and relax
  • Sunday – Sleep in, get groceries, nap, watch TV

While the above may make for a content life, it doesn’t always make for a satisfying blog post.

For the past week I’ve been highly distracted by the Leftover Blanket, so there isn’t much else to report on. So tonight, while the rice is cooking, I’ve looked around and come up with some random thoughts to share.

Leftover Blanket – Progress Report

I have now completed this much.

In particular, I like the look of the big square knit from Peach-Mango Kool-aid yarn.

Gloss Socks – Progress Report

Due to the distraction of the Leftover Blanket, there has been very little progress on the Gloss Socks

The Pea Report – Day 9

These guys are really growing fast

Yarn Wants

The May KnitPicks catalogue arrived. They have some gorgeous tonal colours that I would love to own.

Reason #357 to Love Summer

These are very good.

That is all.

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